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Size/Capacity: 9"
Colour: Starfire
Max Etch W X H: 8"x4"
Shipping Weight:
Packaging: Birchmount Box

Bushwell Gear Award - Starfire 9" Wide


The upright of the Bushwell is aquashaped from 3/8" starfire glass while the base is beveled 3/8" starfire with polished edges. The right margin of the Bushwell is deeply incised to the contours of vertically-arranged gears. The matching image of interlocking gears is etched on the back of the glass. The remaining surface provides ample space for additional artwork, especially where a vertical format is optimal. An award that is particularly - and literally - geared to industrial, engineering and machinery enterprises and, metaphorically, to any organization wishing to celebrate teamwork and cooperation.

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